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Since 1987 (Pictured above in Corvallis) the Mudslinger has been a fixture in mtb racing and the Corvallis Community and the Northwest. Started by a local group of mountain bikers (Randy Pratt was the official ring leader) and cyclists, this event started out small with only the first person to cross the line to mark times down for the rest of the 20 or so people competing in 1987. I moved to Corvallis in 1990 and in 1991 co-produced the Mudslinger with Randy Pratt and the Corvallis Mountain Bike Club from 1991-1995. After moving to Bend in 1996 when Jim Fisher took over the Mudslinger for 3 years. The OSU Cycling club had a 1-2 year run until 1999 and did not produce the event in 2000. I moved this event to Blodgett the following year in 2001 after it did not happen in 2000 to keep the Mudslinger tradition alive. Mudslinger Events continues to work to produce various mountain bike, Road Cycling and Trail and road running under Oregon Trail Runs.

2019 Video from Bend Endurance Academy!

Mudslinger 2019 Team Recap from Bend Endurance on Vimeo.

Write up from Fairlee Frey George’s Cycles/Twenty16   Boise ID LINK PHOTOS from 2016