Event Info

Welcome to the Mudslinger on Saturday, April 4th, 2020


10:40 am Rider Meeting at School

The event starts at 11 am

Packet Pickup and Registration Friday 3-5:30

  • Corvallis Cyclery 344 SW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR 97333

Day of event packet pickup and registration in the Blodgett Gym 7:30-10:15

Root down, Supertree, Slip N Slide, Relentless and more are back!

11 miles for Novice and 19 for all others. 1500 or 3200 ft of pure mudslinger fun!

Space limited to 300 riders!

Neutral Roll out at 10:50 from the School with a 1-mile ride to the actual start line

Thanks to the great support of Corvallis Cyclery

This Event will both thrill you and get you muddy with a 2-mile initial climb to sort you out and some slick singletrack to get you back home.   Those looking to have fun and ride more than the race this is a perfect experience with a well-marked course and 2 hrs plus or minus to get back home on a damp Spring day. Times vary from 1 hr to 1:30 for the short course to 1:30 to 3 hrs for the long course!

Most people ask what will the weather be like and 90% of the time it is 55 degree’s and 50% rain. What this means is to bring a packable jacket and a smile and we will see you on the starting line for the Mudslinger this spring!


*Special Notice:

Please stop by for a permit at 7240 SW Philomath Blvd before any riding on any other time other than event weekend for the Tum Tum Unit.  Starker Forests (Private Land Owner) is super supportive if recreation on their land and they want to know that you have permission to ride or hike by issuing a free permit to you. A 400.00 fine will be issued if you are asked for a permit and do not have one while recreating any time other than the event weekends on their land. The Permits are free and will allow Starker Forests to communicate with you if a closure and or safety related situation arises on any land Unit of Starker Forest Land that you want to ride or hike on. The Starker Forest Family and employees are great stewards of the land and Take time to go to Facebook and thank them for their support or like their page.

Thanks and be safe!

Get your annual OBRA license early for only 30.00 for the whole season for any type of racing, or pay 5.00 for the one day.

 What’s Included for Entry

  • Awesome Course with a 2-mile hill to keep you warm (20-30 minute climb)
  • See old friends and make a new one or two
  • Amazing course deep in the coast range
  • Pasta for all included
  • Massage, prizes and more
  • Jon Myers Podium glassware for top three

PARKING (Saturday, Church parking may or may not be available, see signage when you pull in)

Google Map

Park Where indicated

Schedule of Events See below

ONLINE Registration closes Saturday am at 7 am online   but you can still come Saturday am to register day of (2.5 HRs from PDX and 1.5 from Eugene)

Packet Pickup and Registration Friday 3-5:30

  • Corvallis Cyclery 344 SW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR 97333

Saturday Race Day:

7:30-10 am Late Registration and Packet pickup at the Blodgett Gym add $5.00

10:40 Rider meeting at Blodgett School

10:50  (Roll to start 10 min See staging below) Start time 11 am through 11:18 depending on your category

Staging we will sort you at the start line for 3 wave starts!

Calf marking left Calf Cat and Age or Specialty category if its not raining and its raining in 2019! 3 wave starts below and you will have a minute or two to take a bathroom break before staging.

C= Clydesdale

S= Singlespeed


Please note that with the rain expected we will want you to ride down to the start line and be in your ability group in this 3 wave start.

Elites and Cat 1’s up front followed by SS and Cat 2’s, Clydesdales and then Cat 3’s followed by Junior Cat 3’s.

You can ditch your jacket at the start, but why?

10:40amFinish Area
Rider Meeting at Blodgett School with roll out to start line 1 mile away11 19 M Start
11am Elite Men, Cat 1 Expert 19-44, 45+ and Singlespeed Men11 19 M
11:00 Elite Women, Cat 1 (Expert) Women and Singlespeed Women*11 19 M
Please Remember Cat 2 Junior’s 14-18 require permission to race below in that ability group11 19 M
11:00 Cat 2 (Sport) Men 14-18, 19-39 Cat 2 (Sport) Men 40-4911 19 M
11:00 Cat 2 (Sport) Men 50-59 Cat 2 (Sport) Men 60+11 19 M
11:00 Clydesdale 200+ and Fat Bike 3.7 or larger*11 19 M
11:00 Cat 2 (Sport) Women 14-18, 19-39 Cat 2  (Sport) Women 40-49 Cat 2 (Sport) Women 50+ 11 19 M
Rider meeting for Novice at start line 1 mile from the School11:02Start Area 1 mile from School
11:03 Cat 3 (Novice) Men 19-39, Cat 3 (Novice) Men 40-49 Cat 3 (Novice) Men 50+11:02 12 M
11:03 Cat 2 (Novice) Women 19-39 Cat 3 (Novice) Women 40-49 and  50+11:02 12 M
11:04 Cat 3 (Novice) Junior Men 10-13 and Cat 3 (Novice) Men 14-1811:04 12 M
11:04 Cat 3 (Novice) Junior Women 10-13 and Cat 3 (Novice) Men 14-1811:04 12 M
 Please pass with care and call out on your left and say thanks!
 * Not series categories and available only at this event
 Remember all Junior Experts do not race any longer than the Cat 2 Sport Men and Women
 * Requires upgrade by OBRA, Junior upgrade form

Kids Race 1:30 short 10-minute event at the School (Parents sign waiver)

Awards at 2 pm

Bold Categories will do the shorter 11-mile loop!

** Part of the Junior MTB Series  oregonxcseries.org

** Expert Juniors Require upgrade or approval by

  • Filling out the form on oregonoffroadseries.com
  • Minimum 3 wins in the Junior Men or Junior Women on the short course or out of state results

2020 Categories for Juniors Cat 3
10-13 junior men (short course)
14-18 junior men (short course)
10-13 junior women (short course)
14-18 junior women (short course)

We have trouble calling these guys Cat 2, Cat 1, we just know an advanced junior that will be racing on the Cat 2 or Sport Course
Cat 2 Junior Men 14-18  (long course or course that starts in wave w/Cat 2 sport men)*
Cat 2 Junior Women 14-18 (long course or course that starts in wave w/Cat 2  sport women)*




Downed riders are always a concern whether the race is an XC or Road event or any situation that may come up where you may need to stop to attend to a rider. Safety is #1 with Mudslinger Events and we will have First aid on hand at the finish and on course to provide basic first aid. If something arises where we need to stop the event for any reason we will do so as quickly as possible to maintain the safety for all riders involved. If by chance you have to attend to a hurt rider you can restart the Super D at any time during the day. Please remember that the roads may have an official or emergency vehicle on the course so stay alert to your surroundings and ride safe!

The nature of racing in the woods and for that matter riding in the woods means that it will take up to 30 minutes or more to get to you after we hear of your crash, make sure to assist a rider and check on anyone that goes down. Over the years we have had 7000+ Mudslingers and have had only a few collarbones or injuries requiring medical attention beyond normal first aid and this is a testament to the caring attitude and general nature of mountain biking and a softer landing in most cases.

The usual way a crash goes is:

Riders are coming into the lap point or aid station and telling race personal that someone is messed up and not moving or holding an arm or knee. The next rider says the person is sitting up, followed by the next person says he/she is on their bike, then riders say nothing as this person is OK and comes to the aid station to get a ride out or continues on. Now that’s the normal situation, in the case of an accident that appears to be serious please get the riders plate # to report to official race personnel the on course and approximate distance to.

Please let us know if you need to seek medical attention beyond a scrape at the finish area and if you do DNF (Did not Finish) please report your plate number to the scoring officials and do not cross the finish line

Helmets required anytime on your bike at this event. This is an OBRA event
Contact Mike Ripley/Mudslinger Events 541-225-7946 for more details



Custom Awards (3 deep podium Glasses Alice Pennington for 2019)

Answers and guidelines to ensure you have a great experience at our events!

There are a lot of Categories?

  • Mountain bike categories in Oregon are generally self-selected besides Elite which requires an upgrade
  • Faster adult racers should move up to prevent sandbagging and allow more space for the novice and sports fields. This means go ahead and enter Novice, but if you ride a lot of Sport is the best option to start out!
  • Juniors should begin by racing their age class; they can ‘race up’ but it’s best if they remain in their age category and Novice before moving to Junior expert (14-18) requires upgrade!
  • Special categories like Singlespeed, Clydesdale (200+ lbs) and Fat Bike are specialty categories based on weight or bike type)
  • Masters have many options and for most the Sport (Cat 2) is where most end up if you self-identify as a person who typically does not “Race.”

What Category am I?

  • If it’s your first race and you want to take it one step at a time, you’re in the  Cat 3“Novice” division or sign up for any ability except Elite Men or Women or Junior Expert which require prior approval. These races take most people about an hour and are accessible to all abilities. Once you move up, you cannot downgrade unless you send a written request in.
  • If you’ve done several races or come in from racing in other sports or are a fit person, you can choose to race Cat 2 “Sport”. Equivalent categories may be Cyclocross 2 or 3 or Faster 4 or 5 Riders, or Road Category 4. These races vary from 1 to 3 hours (average 2 hours) and may include technical features and sustained climbs.
  • If you can ride anything and can go fast for over two hours, then try the Cat 1“Expert” class. If you race cyclocross 1 or 2 or place in the Top road 1/2/3, then this is most likely your category unless you think you are a poor bike handler and want to start lower in Cat 2 (Sport) for a few events.
  • Please remember that 3 top 3 finishes in XC or ST in a 12 month period in Full Fields (15 for men and 10 for women) requires you to upgrade in that particular discipline. We will leave you alone the event after Sisters Stampede for the Oregon Off road Series to finish up the series if you do meet this upgrade in the few events after Stampede on Memorial Weekend.

Can I ride on course with my Junior Boy or Girl?

  • You must check in at registration, sign a waiver, receive a special number plate, and pay $5 to cover the insurance. We do want to know who you are while on course with your daughter or son

How is the course marked?

  • No one likes getting lost, so we heavily mark the course very well with signs to indicate the correct way (Arrows) and the wrong way (Yellow X signs). We may use chalk in places, too and Ribbons hanging from branches to indicate you are on course
  • In critical places, a volunteer may be stationed to ensure racers go the correct direction but at Mudslinger Events we try to keep course marshals down to a minimum to avoid being sent the wrong way. I have seen more lost riders as a result of another person on course sending riders down the wrong path. In most cases any course splits are placed on climbs to provide more time to make a change in direction to stay on course.
  • But it is ALWAYS up to the rider to know the course and be responsible while at any Mudslinger Event.  Riders may be disqualified for going off course.
  • Mudslinger Events produces GPS Files that are placed on the site to download to a Garmin that will help you stay on course or Pre-ride the event at another point if the land is open to recreation.
  • The Land where the Mudslinger operates is owned by Starker Forest and the Tum Tum Unit. A Free permit is needed anytime other, than the event weekend to ride on this piece of property and please be careful of logging activity while on your bike.

What if I have trouble out there?

  • Mountain bikers watch out for each other and you should come prepared to be in the woods with proper gear, clothing, and tools.
  • Simple crashes and mechanicals you can recover on your own or someone may decide to stop to help you, which is usually the case.
  • If you need mechanical help, you should walk along the direction of the course to the next radio checkpoint, aid station or finish line. Do not leave the course or you may become lost. Check in with the Officials at the finish that you have returned safely.
  • We sweep the course to ensure all riders are accounted for with a bike that follows the last rider per distance and in most cases 2 riders per distance.
  • For minor medical issues, send someone up to the next radio checkpoint, aid station or finish line.
  • For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 if you have service, otherwise send someone to the nearest checkpoint.
  • Be aware that all of the roads and land that you race on is open to vehicle traffic (official) and emergency vehicles. Please stay alert as we have had very few interactions in 25+ years with cars and bikes but it is possible.

Can I sign up the the day of the event?

  • We always have day of race registration after the online pre-registration closes.
  • The exception is when an event is full and no more participants are allowed. This would be clear from the event website.

What’s the weather like at the Mudslinger?

  • Traditionally 50 degrees and a 50% chance of rain with some mud.
  • It’s been very cold and very hot, and ranged from deep mud to dust even in April.
  • I always try to have the rain hold off until after the event begins, or at least 50% of the time.

What should I wear while racing?

  • Proper riding gear makes racing in bad weather fun!
  • A HELMET is required!
  • A base layer of polyester with a jersey, and jacket that can be stuffed away in the event it is dry when we start and starts to rain. If it is raining and nasty do whatever suits you….I have seen alot in 20+ years of this event
  • Baggie mountain bike shorts or Lycra shorts with leg warmers work well, or baggies and leg warmers.
  • Any mountain bike shoe is preferred over sneakers. You want lugs for the soft soil. For those wanting warm feet try these out that have lasted me 8 years of Cold weather riding LAKEI will be getting a new pair and these keep you warm!
  • Good Gloves, and or Waterproof covers if the weather is under 50 and you are doing the longer course
  • Embrocation, Google it, simple and cost-effective way to provide a pre-race barrier to cold. DO not confuse which hand you applied this with from the one you applied Chamois Cream with (Big mistake) This company is local and awesome! NW Knee Warmers
  • Cycling Glasses and a Helmet that is preferably no more than 2 years old as they do deteriorate over time.
  • Fender for the front and or front and rear of your bike.
  • When in doubt pack extra gear!

How long will it take me to complete the Mudslinger?

  • Short Course Record Time = 57 minutes. Most finish around 1h15m.
  • Long Course time will range from 1:25  to 3 hours depending on conditions and your fitness.

How are the Junior age results awarded?

The Mudslinger is part of the Oregon XC Series and the 5 race Oregon Junior MTB series with the best 3 of 5 counting towards the final awards.

Juniors can compete in the 10-13 and 14-18 age groups for both the series and the junior series

This means at Mudslinger 10-13 and 14-18 awards will be given out the day of the event and those kids can participate and go for the overall Oregon Off-Road Series Championship and also participate in the 4 race Oregon Junior MTB series with results and standings posted at Athletepath.com

Junior MTB Series races 



From Portland
I-5 south to EXIT 228/HWY 34

15 miles to Philomath then six more miles to Blodgett Via HWY 20
and the Blodgett School

Venue Map with Details
From Eugene
I -5 North to EXIT 228/HWY 34

15 Miles to Philomath then 6 more miles to Blodgett Via HWY 20
and the Blodgett School



Can I camp?

Yes, 5 minutes west on HWY 20/ Fir Ridge Campgrounds & RV Park

Blodgett, 4141 Clem Road, Oregon, OR (541) 453-4664

Or in Corvallis (20 Minutes Away) at the Benton County Fairgrounds

KOA is off of I-5 and HWY 34 (30 minutes from venue)

NO Parking or Camping at the school Friday or Saturday Night

Where can I eat the  night before. The R and R Café across the HWY from camping or pick something up in Corvallis or Philomath prior to coming out.

Important reminder

Pack it out! This means your gel wrappers and or food wrappers and leave no trace.