Course Maps

See below and as with any active logging area the maps will be updated as course conditions and logging activities indicate. Make sure you have a free Starker Forest Permit for the Tum tum unit prior to heading out anytime other than the Mudslinger!

Proper tires and vision are critical to success…..a Fender and good front tire should be the first consideration, then Gloves and Wool socks in most years

Long course 18.5 miles and 3100 + ft (all riders except novice)

Short Course will be 12 miles and 1600 ft(Novice Riders cat 3)

Space is limited to 300 total riders!


Randy Pratt the Founder of the Mudslinger wins the 60+ category


Short Course


LONG COURSE (I took out a longer somewhat stale section of logging roads around mile 14 to make this the most intense Mudslinger Course yet!)


We do start 1 mile from the school after a short meeting, check the staging info on the Event info page

Shorter loop provides a solid 1600 ft of climbing and 12 miles. Typical times are 1:30